Friday, February 4, 2011

Today is my lucky day!

Today I learned that I will have the good fortune to dance at not one, but two of Charlie's weddings. Let me explain.....
We arrived at the orphange at 10:30, leaving the house at 7:30am. The roads were the worst we've ever seen. The snow on the roads had melted a little into an ice rink.
I kept thinking about the snow we had in South Carolina before we came to Russia. Police officers on the news telling us to "stay home, only venture out if it is an absolute emergency" Well, I don't think they have those kinds of warnings in Pskov.
So when we arrive, it was music class time. The children were rehearsing for their mother's day performance. I wonder who attends such a performance. But I didn't ask. The children danced and sang- it was precious. A song about the bears and another about balloons. Anyway, like magic, the woman playing the piano started another tune and the kids jumped up and started walking back to the room. I guess that was our cue....
Then we got to spend some time with Charlie in the special speech therapy room. He cried a little, but calmed down significantly faster than last time. He was sitting on my lap, when all of the sudden....a warm sensation on my thigh......Charlie says "peas peas". Yes, peas peas indeed.
So we go to the room and Grunthilda the "ever so friendly" nurse hands me a change of clothes for Charlie. I change him. Miss Personality doesn't seem too concerned about me.
So, we hang in the room with the other children for a bit. Chad is banished from this room because a new little girl arrived a few days ago that has a virtual panic attack at the sight of him. Charlie lies in my arms like a wet noodle. Could he actual be playing in my hair? Apparently, peeing on me has made him turn a corner now, a bonding experience if you will. He seems to like me a lot more, both hands draped around my neck.
After a few minutes we walk back down the hall to the private room. We play "co-co" (peak-a-boo) to find Papa. Charlie is slowly warming up..... We sit down to have a snack. I pull out his bag and begin to ask him "this?" "da?" "nyet?" Then I feel it. Peas peas. And A LOT of it. Are you kidding me?
This one was a soaker. Dripping down my legs, into my own underwear, down to my socks. I say "Mama, peas peas!" Charlie's lip pooches out. He starts to cry. I can't comfort him, other than saying "Mala Ditz" Which means "Good Boy". Yes I am praising my child for peeing all over me. For a second time.
So I comfort him, wait until he stops crying.....go and change him again. Now it's time for lunch, potty time (which surprisingly, he pees in the pot again! I mean what are they giving this kid to drink???) and then nap time. I change his clothes for the third time into night clothes. He is like a new kid, laughing, smiling, giggling. Precious.....
It was a long, wet, cold ride home. When we arrived home and told our host, she said "ahh in Russia this is good luck! When your child pees on you, they say you will dance at their wedding." I then say "weddings, weddings...." But I must say, I've never been so happy and covered in pee at the same time.

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  1. The children were probably practicing for Women's Day on March 8th, not Mother's Day. They don't do Mother/Father's Day in Russia, they have Men's Day/Defenders of the Fatherland Day on Feb. 23rd and Women's Day on March 8th. I don't mean to sound like a know-it-all, but the idea of parentless children practicing for Mother's Day was just sooooo sad I wanted to say something.