Thursday, February 3, 2011

More pictures!

Greetings from Russia. Today is Thursday (8:00pm) we are winding down for the day.....Tomorrow starts our marathon, all the days and hours of boredom will soon be over. Starting tomorrow we will log close to 24 hours of driving in four days. With the last day (Monday) ending with the day we've been waiting for 2 years! Charlie Day! And then the real fun begins.......Our adventures in parenting the most precious boy we've ever seen. I am sure when I say he has no idea how his world is about to change. I am smart enough to say we have no idea how our lives are about to change as well. But for now, a few more pictures of our daily lives. The first is Chad on our daily walk, posing next to an intersting house.



What it's all about......

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