Sunday, February 27, 2011

Night-Night and other new words.....

Rockin' the "La-la"
 I thought we would take this opportunity to show off a few "night-night" pictures and talk about some new words Charlie has learned!
Just think....we haven't even been together three weeks and his vocabulary grows everyday! It's crazy to think about!
Our favorite is "night-night" he says it whenever it's dark or he turns out the lights. He may not fully grasp the concept, but it's so cute when he's sitting in his car seat in broad daylight and all of a sudden says "Mama....night-night" and then closes his eyes. Followed shortly by opening his eyes and giggling hysterically.
To the favorite color "greeeeeen" we've added in "blue". Now he only says it in a "blue moon" but can still identify it and says it when I ask him "where's the blue?" Yellow and red can be found, but not said yet.
Charlie says "done" all the time now. Food- "done" When the bath water drains he says it too. It's a very multi-practical word. I don't think, however, "multi-practical" is a word, but you get the idea.
He also says "niiiiice" when he is touching anything gently. We taught it to him specifically to teach him not to hit and to be "nice" to the dogs when he pets them, but now he says it all the time. It's always nice to be nice!
To "eyes" "papa" he has added "popeye". It's funny how he just randomly says it as an exclamation. Today some books fell off the shelf and he sucked in a big breath and yelled "popeye!". I tried to teach him the popeye the sailor man song, but he just laughs and proceeds to make up a lively song of his own.
He has also fully grasp the concept of "hot" and says it when he wants his jacket off or when I am cooking. Hopefully, he'll continue to keep his octopus hands off the stove!
Charlie continues to enjoy counting to three and pointing out his "iiiiiiisss" "nos" and "mouf"
Of course every time we walk through the kitchen he asks for a "nana".
When he hears the train he says "choo-choo" Yesterday he even said "Mama a choo-choo". I'm not sure if that is a complete sentence, but it's close, right?
It helps having the dogs around and using basic commands with them. His favorite is "go!" They are really confused by this tiny person telling them to "go" here and there for no rhyme or reason.
Conveniently, Charlie came "pre-loaded" with universal Russian-American phrases such as "yum-yum" "ruff-ruff" "tee-tee" and "ca-ca". So that has made life a lot easier for him and us.....
We are so happy that Charlie is doing so well with his language skills so far. We know we have a long way to go, but I think we are off to a great start!
Captain Adorable with his rocking zebra papa made for him

Crashed in the robot bed! Wearing Penn State Jammies!


  1. Such a handsome guy! Sounds like you guys are having a ball!

  2. So happy to hear Charlie is doing so well... the picture in the robot bed is PRICELESS! :)

    How are Mommy & Daddy doing? Y'all must be exhausted! It took us a month or so to get used to the new energy level in our household :)

  3. Yeah for Charlie. He is such a little sponge right now. Seems like he's settled in nicely to his new awesome home. Any cars on the road wall yet?

  4. Once again I must say....Charlie is an adorable little guy!!! So glad to hear he is doing so well adjusting and sounds like he is talking up a storm....very exciting!!

  5. Awww, he's just so adorable! Cherish every moment . . . the time goes so fast:)