Sunday, February 13, 2011

My first swim!

We had a great relaxing day today, Charlie tried out the pool for the first time and absolutely loved it! Before we could turn on the video camera he had already JUMPED in to be with Mama.
After our swim, we tried out the hot tub which was more like a warm bath, so it was perfect. Of course, Mr. Smarty Pants figured out how to work the lights and bubbles by pressing the buttons.
Everything is monkey see, monkey do. If you do it once, you better be prepared for little hands to do it right after you do it. Turning on lights, flushing the toliet, unscrewing lids, caps, plugging things in, getting clothes out of the suitcase, opening doors....
We also enjoy how much Charlie likes order. He picks things up and puts them down. He takes everything out and puts them back exactly where he found them. So even if our room looks trashed one minute, he goes on a cleaning binge and packs everything back up. Our favorite is when we say "Oh-Boof" which is Russian for "shoes" when we are ready to go out. He opens the closet and brings everybody our shoes. He may be confused, however, when we get home and realizes that Mama has more than one pair of shoes. (Quite a many more.....) That's why we're working on colors so intensly. So I can say "bring Mama the GREEN Oh-boofs"
So far favorite activites:
Eating and drinking on demand
Opening and closing doors (the sliding closets are extra exciting)
Turning on and off lights
Flushing toliets
Staring at strangers (exspecially ones that are pretty girls or people swimming)
Getting "creamed up" our lotion applications three times a day (his skin is looking so much better!)
Putting on chap-stick
Looking for the stuffed "Sa-Bock-a" (dog) that always gets lost in the covers
General monkey-like activities

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