Monday, February 7, 2011

no more goodbyes

Finally! We were able to bring Charlie back with us when we went to the orphanage. It was so nice not to have to say goodbye anymore. Thank you for all of your prayers, I know that you sent them up because Charlie has done great! We have been in disbelief as he is adjusting.
Charlie cried as he left the orphanage and I think the head of the orphanage Dr. Anna was crying too. We are so thankful for her, we know that she took great care of Charlie while he was in the baby home. She insisted in walking him to the car so that she could say goodbye. It was really nice. She also made us promise that we would send emails and pictures of Charlie as he gets older.
Once in the car it took about ten minutes for Charlie to settle down and then he went to sleep on sarah's lap... It was beautiful. He slept most of the way back to Ludmilla's house. Once inside he began to take in his new surroundings. I don't think his eyes could of gotten any wider. He was a little hesitant to leave his chair, but soon he was digging through the toy box and playing. We played music and he even started to dance. He is so cute. He adjusted so quick!
We sat down for dinner, russian pork chops and mashed potatoes and Charlie and papa are in the clean plate club! Like father like son already. After that we gave him a bath, we thought he would hate it but he jumped right in and we had a blast during his first bath time. After that he let me... The big new guy, put on his pajamas and tickle his feet in the process, it was something I won't forget. I gotta learn the diaper thing quick though, its a new skill for me. After that I prayed over him with sarah, thanking God for the gift and asking for the ability to raise him how he should be. And now as I finish this post he's laying here beside us falling asleep as mom gently strokes his hair. He has done so well, we are so thankful! He is a gift and I couldn't ask for anything more today.
Keep praying tomorrow we go to the court house to get the official papers including the new birth certificate with our names under the parent slot. It will be official tomorrow! Then we gotta go get official copies from the notary, then get Charlie to pose for passport pictures and then apply for his passport which we will have by thursday. It will be another busy day of firsts for all of us, so keep praying. I gotta go now my boy is finally asleep and I can hardly see from tears. As you can tell this post is a little different because you get my report, I hope it suffices.
I love you all and thanks for the prayer,

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  1. Awww so sweet! Congratulations on Your first Year together as a family. (Can't wait for our turn to celebrate :0)
    Enjoy each other you deserve it!