Saturday, February 12, 2011

A few pictures....

Enjoying an apple from Papa on the train

So handsome.....even after 12 hours of train riding!

Green is his favorite color. He is so cute, saying "Greeen" "Greeeen". In his crayon pack he has two greens and says " One Greeen" "Two Greeen" and picks them both out. SMART BOY!!!

Having my first happy meal in the hotel room.
Today we went to Red Square, The Church of Jesus Christ our Risen Savior, and "Sparrow Hill" for a little shopping. It was about -15F with awful wind and snow, so we couldn't get a lot of walking in or great photo ops. But we did our best and managed a few. I'll post them tomorrow.
Today was a great day. We got to Skype with all three sets of Grandparents and Auntie Uggie!!! Everyone has finally seen how delightful this little guy is (and incredibly active). He was like a little monkey during all four chats. Running, climbing, laughing. Everyone has said "You must be tired!" We are! But having the time of our life! Thank you for your continued prayers....
Tomorrow is a totally free day, we are hoping to get in a swim and a little walk outside (weather permitting). But other than that we are just enjoying our time together as a family!
Paka! Paka! Y'all!

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