Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Dada-Pop!

Top 10 reasons why my Dad is awesome:
10-He built me really cool things- rocking horses, two story castle beds, doll houses, frog cages, a play village in our yard, science projects, etc. He was the original Bob the Builder.
9-He cooks weird but Delicious stuff like cheeto-breaded mushrooms and chicken
8-He was the chief of our Little Indian Princess Tribe
7-He was the assistant leader of my Girl Scout Troop
6-He sends me almost daily emails of pictures he takes on his camera or OLD pictures I forgot had existed
5-He is the original creator, designer and perfector of the Fire Squirrel. (My dad never does anything the boring way. Lighting a fire, for example.) Step one: Build a fire pit and douse the wood with gasoline. Step Two: Jerry-rig a guide wire from a tree to the gasoline soaked wood. Step Three: Attach a matchbox car with a fuse and firecrackers to the wire. Step Four: Build a trigger. Step Five: Tell an old Indian tale about how fire was created and God made the fire squirrel. Step Six: At just the right time in the story: trigger the car, that lights the fuse, that explodes the firecrackers, the races down the wire to the gasoline soaked wood and BAM! You have a huge campfire. Step 7: Optional: If the Squirrel doesn't light, climb the tree with a lighter and light that sucker manually. (Kids don't try this at home. Call my Dad, he loves giving demonstrations.)
4-He tries to speak foreign languages just by speaking English with a funny Spanish/German/French/Russian Accent
3- He goes on every single Mission Trip with Chad and all of our teenagers every year. And they LOVE him! He teaches them building skills and other important life lessons, like Fire Squirrell building I'm sure.
2-He and my mom have been married for 35 years and he still buys her flowers, takes her shopping AND carries her bags, opens the car door for her everytime, and do fun "Bucket List" things together.
1- He is an awesome, kind, loving Christian man that has never met a stranger and would literally, give you the shirt off his back. He treats others with kindness and love. If you ever get the opportunity to meet my Pop, you would love him too.

We love you and can't wait to see you in a few days for Charlie's Birthday! Finally, you've found a March-born friend!
XOXO, Chad, Sarah and Charlie :)


  1. OK now that I am crying.......he is an AWESOME man. I'm glad he "is my life", that we have two wonderful daughters together and now an incredible grandson. LIFE IS BLESSED!

  2. What a great post! Your dad IS amazing! Matthew just read the fire squirrel story and said, 'see- THAT'S the kind of stuff I want to do with our girls!'. Nevermind the fact that he and his friends lit a huge field on fire when they were in high school on accident/purpose doing something much LIKE the fire squirrel...ah- our future needs prayer! Happy B-day Dada Pop!

  3. I had lunch with your parents today and was reminded how much I love and miss them. Your dad was so funny with Justus. He tried to put his shoe on like a million times and Justus kept taking it off. Lol!