Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A lot of things....

A lot of things have happened this week, wonderful, lovely, things....Charlie's 3rd birthday, His dedication at our church on his birthday, visits from grandparents, new words, new sentences (gasp!) the gorgeous weather, It's been a REALLY great week....
But....a few things are keeping the glowing posts and the pictures and the celebration.....
My mind has been constantly drifting to the Davis', the Hooks, the Morenos....
I have had a serious case of writers block. So for now, no words...just prayers for them. It doesn't feel right celebrating until we can ALL celebrate together. Please continue to pray for the Davis family as they wait, wait, wait for a verdict that will restore their joy and their broken hearts.... The Hooks as they travel on Saturday and have hit some bumps in the road- paperwork mess that they REALLY don't need right now, as their court date is on the 31st. Celebrating with the Morenos as they have FINALLY met their daughter and now turn their thoughts to court as well.
Please continue to remember them.


  1. Will keep praying for all three families. In the meantime- it is ALWAYS ok to celebrate God's blessings in our lives! Don't stop celebrating at home or with us via blog. God has a purpose with those families- as we all already know. We may not understand it- but we can still celebrate your JOY! Celebrate that fabulous little man! Still in a 3t?

  2. We too are thinking and praying for these familes...just breaks my heart!!! But I do miss seeing some new sweet pictures of Charlie! :)

  3. Happy Birthday Charlie!!! I am thrilled that he got to spend it with all his family!! Please keep posting. I love to see and hear all that Charlie is accomplishing. It makes me smile. Thank you for your prayers! We will get Evan home and then we will come and visit!!