Monday, March 14, 2011

Real stuff.....

I hope I have satisfied the "we want pictures and just pictures" crowd with the obscene amount of pictures I have been posting. I started a Shutterfly account for family and realized that updating it once a month was not practical, because during the first 10 days of March I had already taken 140+ pictures. Now, keep in mind my camera stays on the "sports" setting because it snaps three pictures in a row very quickly. That helps because after the first flash, Charlie returns to his normal smiling self and drops the "camera is stealing my soul" face. He is getting much ham-mier in front of the camera. He gets it now. He is even posing for a few these days. But tonight I am taking a break from the photo-ops.

Everyone wants to know how we are doing. I guess it can be summed up by saying: We are trying to figure it all out. I know, that will NEVER happen, but we just added a new mysterious little creature to our family and we are trying to be the best parents we can be. Should we not give him juice if he refuses to eat? Should we be happy he is staying hydrated? Or is he tricking us into only drinking juice for dinner? Why does he cry sometimes in the middle of the night? Is he hungry? Too hot? Too cold? Having nightmares? So we try out different variables. The tricky part is what seems to be the answer one night doesn't work the next. But I will say, by looking at the big picture every day we are together, the better he does. The happier he is. He is a really happy boy, we are so thankful.

We have been talking to a speech therapist that is also a friend, she thinks he is doing really well. We are still going to jump on board therapy when he turns three (next Sunday) to make sure we are doing everything in our power to make up for close to three years of institutionalization in the language department. But he adds about a new word every day, so that is huge! His word today was Crackers. Yesterday it was "Joe-Joe" (our friend) and Saturday it was "Yeah Baby" thanks to Penn State Basketball and Papa screaming at the T.V. We know he is getting it, we just want him to be able to verbalize it the way a three year old should.

As far as attachment, we are doing great. He is VERY comfortable with us and knows the difference between his Mama and Papa and all the other fun, wonderful people in our lives. At the end of the day, Mama and Papa reign supreme in his book. That's a good feeling.

Where we are struggling:

1-Church. It's really tough there. It's impossible for Mama and Papa to work at the same place at the same time on Sunday. He acts out there- it's just too much for him right now. It's hard I think because he is like a little celebrity and he doesn't want all the attention. It makes him squirrely. So Ne-Ne (my sister, Brittany) has come to the rescue. She comes with us to church now and is the "constant" in the church equation. I can greet new people and work while Chad does his work. He sees us and is in the church environment that we desire him to know at an early age, but can still have someone that is just attending to his needs and attention span. This Sunday was 100% better than last Sunday.

2-Keeping our house a non-danger zone. We are surrounded by too much stuff. He has too much stuff, we have too much stuff. I am ready to burn it all and start over again. I am thinking a minimalist loft with like a couch, a bed, and a bookshelf. I know kids come with a lot of stuff but this is ridiculous. It makes me feel claustrophobic. Today I purged 4 bags worth of junk from our house. I have 32 more left to fill. It's what I'm doing for Lent. Purging 40 bags. While I fill I pray. What I sell I will tithe. What I can give to someone who needs it, I will give. Anybody need anything? Now is the time to voice your needs. If not Ebay, Consignment, and Yard Sale will beat you out!

3-Not feeling sick. I am a very healthy person, but since we've been home I've had two colds, messed up my back and had a stomach bug. This is ridiculous!

4- Trying to be a productive member of society again. I can't concentrate worth a darn! Now what was I saying? :)
I am a very prompt person, but today I checked into making shirts that say "Sorry I'm late" so I won't have to say it all the time. I lose things, I forget things, I have a list that nothing gets crossed off of, just added to daily. It takes me days to do one simple task.
The list could go on and on....but for now that's where we are. I think we are doing well. I am trying not to be so hard on myself. Trying to juggle, but not be so upset when I drop the ball. I know what you are going to say- I've heard it before- Welcome to Motherhood.


  1. Sounds like all normal stuff to me! : ) Oh, and by the way, those precious little people we have? they steal brain cells. Really! It's true! I'm not sure how many. I think they only take away enough to make us walk around in a daze and not remember bigger words (ya know, we only talk about poop now.) but they don't steal enough that they are endangered. LOL! Have fun! It'll get easier. I promise.

  2. Sarah, couldn't have said it better myself! Welcome to everyday life as a mommy! Some days are better than others, but isn't it wonderful to have the unconditional love of a beautiful child? Sounds like Charlie is a typical toddler and you all are doing all the right things! Enjoy every minute!

  3. Hang in there. It sounds like your transition is going better than ours did with Emma. That's great news. Emma was like a newborn screaming every night for 3 months, and we'd have to stay with her in her room for 2-3 hours at a time...even in the middle of the night. It took a good six months before I felt somewhat normal, and I am 100% sure I had post-adoption depression...crazy since we already had two children. Adding Emma to our delicately balanced family really threw us all for a loop, but it was so worth it. She is 100% a little southern princess now, and she is right where she should be.

    Good luck!

  4. Ya for getting rid of stuff. I'm playing that game also!

  5. It's ALL good! What I don't hear you saying is anything scary! It seems you have regular adjustment stuff and regular little boy stuff on your hands. Corbin had a few night terrors right around the time of coming home that were scary - especially when he had a busy or exciting day. I always looked at the night time wakings as an opportunity to mysteriously show up and keep showing up when no one else ever had. Just 10 minutes ago I went in to kiss him while he sleeps since I heard him talking a bit, he reached for me and said Mama, Mommy, Mama, My Mama... still fully asleep... that's heaven and your boy is in the arms of his own angels!!! Congrats!