Tuesday, March 29, 2011

There goes the neighborhood....

 Last weekend, new construction began in our backyard- the giant sky fort- a gift from my parents. Wow- this sucker is big. Needless to say after two full days of work, we are still under construction! It hasn't helped that we've had maybe 2 sunny days in the last week and a half! Charlie's job? We bought him a shovel and he was the official poop scooper (the playground is located in the former Great Dane bathroom area). He wanted to have his hands on every part of the assembly- all 57 steps (yikes) we are currently at step 48. And when I say we, I mean Chad. The slide still needs to be assembled (it says it takes 6-8 hours!) as well as the swings. But in the meantime, it makes an excellent fort! I just love these pictures of "the guys" (and Donna, Chad's mom) working.

My dad and Charlie with his "equipment"
The frame goes up

Helping Dada

Putting together the rock wall and ladder

Dada Rick's shadow
Can I help some more? Pleeeaseeee....


  1. Oh my gosh....we just built the exact same one for Matt! I know how INVOLVED it is....it took us 5+ weekends to get it done but Matt absolutely loves it!!!! Charlie will love it too...can't wait to see him on it after it is completed!

  2. Love it! Charlie will too! He will enjoy having it too! Can't wait to see him and the Great Dane in the fort.