Monday, March 7, 2011

Together 1 month!

I just can't believe how quickly time passes. I would read other family's blogs as they celebrated milestones like these and think how can they not believe they've been home a month, two, six? I guess when you are blissfully happy, time passes much, much quicker! We are doing just great at home. Chad and I have begun to phase into working. Charlie stays home with Papa in the morning while I work and then we flip-flop in the afternoon. At first it was a little bumpy- not for Charlie- but for us. Juggling work responsibilities and such while keeping his world stable. Not an easy task, but we have gotten somewhat use to a new routine.
Church......a different animal. It would be a piece of cake if one of us had a Sunday job. But with that being the busiest day of the week for both of us, it is absolute chaos. It was chaos before, but now it's reached into the insane-o realm. We wear a lot of hats at the church and Mama and Papa need to work some things out on that one. But we're getting there. If I could just drop him off in the nursery, it would be better I think. But I haven't gotten over the "I want to wear Charlie as a shirt and never let him out of my sight until he's 30 and then he better call me every night" phase. It's hard leaving in the morning when he's at home AND with Chad. I guess it just took us so long to become a family, I us to stay like that EVERYDAY. Just the three of us....
His language skills continue to grow. It's funny, we have little mini-conversations now. Granted, they are mostly about food, riding in the car, or going ca-ca, but conversations none the less. He's started to mimic a little more, so that's been a lot of fun. We take turns mimicking each other, both ending in hysterical laughter. His laugh just lights up a can't help laughing along.
Now if we can just get him to smile for a camera without bribery, mentioning his Baba or asking him if he wants a banana.

Yeah...this is my "hello" you gotta problem with that?

I'm not looking at you....


  1. I took us a while to get Aidan to smile for the camera. . .I had to trick him into it every time!! : ) And, yes, those church hats become a bit more burdensome once the little one is home. . .I gave all of mine up. It was only just this past fall that I picked one back up and only because I finally felt okay with Aidan going to the day care and sunday school! (Wearing your child as a shirt!!! Classic!! and exactly how I still feel 3 years later!!!) As for the time, yes, it's amazing that once Gotcha! happens, time speeds up exponentially!! As slow as it went during the wait, it is about Mach 3 after Gotcha! Love that you are so happy. . .Congratulations on one month!! God Bless.

  2. He gets cuter and cuter with every picture!!! Wait till you are home a won't believe it! Somedays I feel like we just arrived home yesterday...time does fly for sure!!! I don't blame you for wanting him by your side at every single minute!! And also, totally understand about the camera.....It is soooo hard to get any good pictures of Matt. Even without smiles....Charlie is absolutely precious!!!!

  3. I think Baba should move close by so I can be the Sunday relief. I would be in my own little Heaven!! I can't believe it has been a month & I don't want to miss a moment of his life. I'm glad my "shirt" over 30 still calls her Momma and Charlie is my bonus!! I love you ALL....

  4. One of my friends at work was born and raised in Russia, she moved to the US when she was around 27. She finds it funny that when she looks back at her pictures growing up no one ever smiles. She said they all just look so sad or angry. I guess it's just the culture difference.