Thursday, March 17, 2011

Prayer Request

Our fight is not over yet.....
Our friends, the Davis' are in Pskov right now, their court date was this morning.
We just received word that the Judge (same Judge as ours) has REJECTED THEIR CASE!
After a 4-5 hour grilling and 8 months of waiting after they met their precious boy, she rejected their case.
I am just stunned.
The reason? Their son has down syndrome.
I know, that isn't a reason at all. She apparently thinks that living in a mental institution is better than a loving, wonderful home that has access to the best medical care, eduction, and love.
Our next friends, the Hooks, will have court on March 31st. Their precious daughter was Charlie's best buddy in their orphanage and she has down syndrome too. The Moreno family is right on their heels waiting for their down syndrome daughter. Please pray for them too. I can't imagine the fear that has gripped them this morning.
I am just so upset about this news. Please stay tuned, I will give you an update on what their agencies are advising at this point.
All I know is that Satan is attacking Pskov right now. He is attacking what the Bible says is "God's Pure and Faultless" religion, protecting orphans in their distress.
I thought I was done fighting, now that Charlie is home.
But it looks like the fight has just begun. Something has got to change to protect these babies. Please be in prayer for the Davis family, the Hook family and the Moreno Family. Be ready prayer warriors.....


  1. Praying for all the children of Russia and these families in particular. My heart goes out to them!

  2. What shattering news....this is beyond devasting and I so hope this can be resolved and these precious children can have a home and such wonderful parents get thier children :o(

  3. NO!!! I can't believe what I am reading. This totally breaks my heart and I can't begin to imagine the thought process on this one. We'll be praying for these three wonderful families and their precious children. Please keep us posted.

  4. What devastating news. I am so sorry for your friends. Many prayers going up for all orphans, waiting parents, and those government officials who have the power to grant parenthood.

  5. My heart breaks for the children and the families. Very difficult to understand the judge's reasoning! Keeping the families in our prayers.

  6. Oh my, that is horrible! Can they appeal the judge's decision? There has to be a way around that!

  7. Praying. Hard.

    I haven't commented here before, but I've been lurking a bit for the past week or so.

    I hope and pray that your friends are able to find a way to appeal.

  8. I hope they are aware they can appeal to the Supreme Court in Moscow if they appeal within 10 days of the local court decision. This decision sounds like one that should be appealed, in the interests of the child.

  9. Praying for these families.

  10. Makes me so sad to hear this. These families will certainly be in our prayers !