Friday, March 18, 2011


The Davis family are almost home. They are of course heartbroken, but their faith is strong. We have learned that they are appealing their case through the Russian supreme court. This means within 10 days, they should know if the decision of the lower court in Pskov will be overturned. Now we know a little better about specific prayer needs for them and other families walking on egg shells right now. If WHEN this case is overturned, it will set a new precedent for children with special needs. That they need a family just like EVERY child. PLEASE be in prayer for the Davis family, the Hook family, and the Moreno family as they wait...wait....wait.... these next two weeks are going to be very difficult for them. Pray that God grants them peace, strength, and courage.
Please pray for the assembly of the court that will hear this appeal. Pray that their hearts are in tune with these children's best interest.
PRAY for the attorney that their agency, Reece's Rainbow, has hired. Pray that God grants them wisdom, a tender heart, and a passion to put this case above anything else on their work load.
Pray for the Reece's Rainbow agency and workers in Russia and State side. That this matter would be their #1 priority. That their connection is strong to the judicial system in Russia and the right doors will be opened.
Pray for these precious children and all children waiting for their mama's and papa's. They don't understand ignorance or red tape or due process. They just want love. Period.
I am begging you to bathe this whole process in prayer, it's the best and only thing we can do right now. Maybe when you wash your hands, remember them. Maybe when you tuck your kids in at night, pause to remember these babies that have no one to tuck them in....Find a way to remember them.


  1. Thank you for the updated prayer list. I was wondering what their recourse is. I just can't imagine. Was it too much for them to stay while they await their decision? Oh, Sarah- my heart is breaking for them. Prayer, prayer, prayer is the answer!

  2. Thank God they have this appeal opportunity. I have faith that justice will be served and this child will come home. I will be praying for them.

  3. At our hearing last month in Arkhangelsk, and in Pskov in 2003 the court's decision was made within the framework of what was in "the best interest of the child." I find it hard to believe leaving a child in an institution is in the best interest of the child. Praying the appellate process does what it should and rights this wrong.

  4. Wow... if anything is worth a little time in prayer this most certainly is. I can't imagine that this could possibly turn out anything but OK for this and the other families. As you said, precedent setting. SN adoptions have always been allowed and using SN as a shield to prevent adoption to a loving home... well that's just crazy talk. I'm not an expert at Russian Law but seriously, this logic is so very very flawed. When I tuck my boy in, when I wash my hands... and how about right now?
    Thanks for becoming an advocate for the families and children - I can't imagine how much that must mean to them.