Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Here is my cake from class Monday night..... One is fun photo shopped cartoon image, the other is the real thing. It says BUMS because I gave it to our youth praise band (Bethel United Methodist Students) because the last thing we need is a whole cake to eat at our house.

Here is Britt's cake. As you can see, her colors are much darker than mine, our instructor gave us creative liberty when choosing color. Britt had some issues with the purple. She happen to be wearing a purple shirt, so her purple fingers weren't quite so noticeable. However, her purple tongue from "sampling" was a dead giveaway.
Here is Shani's cake.....And Michele's picture from my phone is M.I.A. I promise it was beautiful though and she survived cake night #1. Maybe I didn't save it because she tried to cut her finger off with the wax paper and I got distracted. As you can imagine, it was a very fun night. Next week.... clowns. Who thinks of this stuff?

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  1. Baby Deetz is going to have some cute cakes! I can see them now, his/her Momma is going to make every event special. Your first birthday cake was a teddy bear that I made. But, I cheated and bought the pan shaped like a bear & then did the fancy icing. Then we made a special little round cake for you to play in and eat alone with your hands. But, in the end when we tried to get you to touch your cake you screamed. What a "neat freak" you were. Momma