Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Our federal fingerprinting appointment cards for USCIS came in the mail today! They call it “biometrics testing” which I guess makes people feel better about spending $80 per person for the fingerprinting. It makes it seem all high-tech like something James Bond or Batman would do, not some government employee with an ink pad named Flo. It even came on officially looking paper with a watermark and seal! Like top secret stuff! Anyway, that was a lot faster than we anticipated…..
Our appointment is set for next weekend (no missing more time off work) and we’ll be “biometrically tested” in Charlotte so we won’t need to drive all the way to Charleston. Since my parents are in town, they get to join in the fun too. I will remember not to carry any laundry products in my bag this time, trust me. We are moving right along.
It’s kinda exciting because we are doing things now that expire! So just to think we may have a little one before everything “expires” in a year is an exciting prospect. Either that or we’ll be renewing everything and going through this all over again. I am definitely hoping for the first option, that someone in their infinite wisdom has found that 12 months is more than enough time to be fingerprinted, travel twice, and be home with their child in that time span. Maybe it was Flo, Biometric Tester by day, USCIS Knowledge Guru by night.

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