Monday, June 15, 2009

Q/A With Jim

As you know, we purchased our crib and dresser/changing table at USA Baby in Greenville. Well this week we received a letter from them in the mail. Since it has been 9 weeks since we ordered the furniture and the e.t.a. for the furniture was 8-12 weeks, I thought to myself, “It’s strange they sent us a letter and not called us to tell us our furniture is in” Since we are professional “waiters” I hadn't even called them to ask them “Is it here yet? Is it here yet?” I was being patient! Imagine that! And look where it got me…
The letter read something to the effect of “We are filing bankruptcy. You will not get your furniture. Game over. If you paid with cash, hire a lawyer…you’re never going to see a penny of your money. If you paid with a credit card, call the card company immediately and dispute the charge stating that you never got the goods you paid for. Good luck on getting your money back, best wishes on your little bundle of joy that will be sleeping on the floor and having its diaper changed on the bathroom counter.” Ahhhh!!!!!
Luckily we paid we credit card. (I should say, my parents paid with credit card) In the span of 5 minutes, I call mom. She drops everything and calls the credit card company. I call USA Baby. Disconnected. I go online….the web site is gone. I Google the name of the company. All of these local news stories pop up, “Mother due next week, won’t be getting furniture” or “Expecting couple looses $1,800 on baby furniture”. Stories of families that went to the store one day and went back the next only to find the lights out and the windows boarded shut. Ahhhh!!!!!
The letter also mentions contacting another USA Baby. I call the Charlotte store immediately and talk to a very nice man named Jim. Poor Jim…..I think every crazy pregnant mother in the upstate has called him asking the same thing.
Sarah: “Can I get the same crib from you at the same price?”
Jim: “Yes”
Sarah: “Can you transfer the previous sale to your store?”
Jim: “All USA Baby Stores are independently owned, so unfortunately we cannot transfer the sale to our store. Chances are your money is long gone, spent by the Greenville owners”
Sarah: “How long will it take if we reorder from you?”
Jim: “As soon as you (hopefully) get your money back, then the crib ships out of Arizona. I will mark it “Urgent: Greenville Bankruptcy” and they will rush the crib to me in 2-3 weeks.”

Then I asked him a question that I don’t think anyone else had asked because he started laughing immediately.
Sarah: “Now Jim, tell me the truth. If the odds are in our favor and we do get our money back, I need to know that your store is in a healthy financial situation. Is your store in ANY danger of bankruptcy in the next month-two months?
Jim: “M’am 2008 was our best financial year to date. In 2009 we have two had a fantastic quarters and are looking to exceed 2008’s sales already and it’s only June. We are not going anywhere.”
Sarah: “OK, Jim. But if I don’t get my “April” Creations Convertible Crib in the espresso finish with ogee shaped plinth base, complete with a dresser with English dovetail drawer construction, I don’t know what I’ll do!”
Now if that didn’t sound like some hormonal desperate pregnant lady …..
Jim: “Yes m’am, well do everything in our power to get you the crib.
Sarah: “And the dresser, don't forget about the dresser Jim! The one with the real hardwood, hidden hardware, and wood on wood glider construction?”
Jim: “Yes m’am that too.”
Sarah: “Ok…Jim….sniff….. I’ll call you in a few days after we can get the credit card straightened out…..”
Jim: “Yes m’am….I’ll be looking forward to talking with you then.”

P.S.- The money was credited back to the card. Now back to square one. When Mom and Dad come for a visit next week we’ll sort everything out and make another trip to Charlotte. I’m still waiting for the easy part…..I was hoping the furniture would be most enjoyable/hassle free part of this process! Guess again…..We really are fortunate that we received the money back. There are a lot more expectant parents in a worse situation than we are.

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