Monday, June 29, 2009

Have Crib Will Travel

Our adventure to Charlotte this weekend was really a multi-tasking type of trip. Many of you know the recent crib debacle, if not see post of June 15th. It's a long story.....

Anyway, we set out to see what the "Queen City" had to offer as far as cribs go. We went to a lovely posh furniture store, Bellini. It was nice but WAY more than anyone should spend on furniture that will be used and abused by a little one.

We went to be fingerprinted at USCIS, then we went to Jim's USA Baby (also in June 15th post) for round two of crib shopping. We once again had the great crib debate within my family. Chad started saying "Whatever you want, babe" which is code for "I don't care, pick out a crib and let's blow this Popsicle stand!" So a decision needed to be made. We could have ordered a duplicate of our previous crib and waited for it to (hopefully) come in, or we found two cribs that we loved that were store models and we could take those with us TODAY! Being gun shy and nervous of this "we promise" furniture again, we actually went with our second choice (Chad's first choice) from the last hurrah at USA Baby in Greenville. A lovely brushed nickel crib by Creations. We also got a steal on it because it was the floor model. We went to Super Target and drove back to the store to pick it up, giving them time to dismantle. Tony, the hottest man in Charlotte (not hot, like HOT, but super sweaty from working in the warehouse) unloaded the dismantled crib wrapped in shrink wrap from the loading docks. He took one look at Clifford the Big Red Car and said "that crib is not going to fit in that car". Tony obviously does not know us, the bankruptcy saga, my dad (a.k.a. McGuiver), the time we strapped a grill to Chad's tiny Ford Escort, and the shear determination we had to have a crib TODAY. He walked back inside, leaving us 4 blocks of Styrofoam and some tie down material. Daddy and Chad went to work. 30 minutes and some blood, a lot of sweat, and some tears later, Baby Deetz' crib and mattress was in the back of the Trailblazer and in route back to Spartanburg!
1 1/2 very hot, loud, and windy hours later the crib was in Baby Deetz room. We only lost one Styrofoam block on the way into town whizzing around on the Interstate.

By Sunday, Daddy had assembled it. Last night I was lying in bed thinking about the room and the's starting to sink in that a little one is on the way. I don't know why it took a crib to make me realize that....I guess when it was ordered, but out in Outer Space somewhere, it just didn't sink in that that crib is for our son or daughter, that it will grow with them to a full sized bed, hopefully it will be a place of sweet dreams for them for years to come.

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  1. It was fun being part of the crib search, seek and assemble! I knew that the crib would go home with us even if someone (I vote Daddy) sat on the roof of the car & held it all the way home. This is only the beginning of the great adventures that you will have (us too!). It was worth all the labor of love! Momma