Thursday, June 25, 2009

Christmas in June

HAPPY BIRTHDAY UGGIE! You will be the best aunt in the world......Now onto the blog!

Every year after Christmas I buy our Christmas cards for the following year and just throw them in a box that goes up to the attic. This way, I can buy 4 boxes for the price of one and save money for important things, like shoes.
For the last 5 years or so, I've bought photo cards so I can put a picture of Chad and I along with a letter letting people know what we've been up to. I try to make the letter creative and fun, and the most important rule of form letters, no more than a page long. One year I made a tree out of single words or phrases that had to do with that year. Last year was a quiz. There is nothing worse than reading 6 pages about Aunt Gretchen's bunion surgery and Timmy not making the junior major league baseball team.

For the last few years we've had a youth in the local debutant club (yes the south still has debutant clubs.) Therefore, we've been invited to the Lady Gainsborough Debutant Ball for three years in a row. Since it's a black tie event, it's a perfect opportunity for a "Christmas Card Photo Op". (FYI- last year's picture is also our blogger profile picture). Anyway, for several years our card has been our picture from the "Deb Ball". This year was going to be no exception. Unless, we have a picture with a little one in it by Christmas? Then I will happily chuck the deb picture and buy some new precious "baby" friendly cards AT FULL PRICE! (gasp). Wouldn't that be wonderful?

But just in case here is our standby, taken at the ball on Friday, June 19th. Unless a better picture turns up after the 5 million pictures we posed for!

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