Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dossier News

Today I spoke with our case manager. Here is the breaking news: Our Dossier was received by C.W.A. on Friday morning, May 29th. Anya in turn discovered that a document was missing that needed to be Apostilled, but she caught it in time, overnighted it to Columbia with a return envelope to overnight it back to Flat Rock and they got it in yesterday, June 1st. Our COMPLETE Dossier was sent to Denise, our document manager, for review yesterday.

This morning Denise sent me an e-mail and said that she had completed her review, found one minor problem concerning our marriage license, but other than that everything appeared to be in great shape. Before our second round of paperwork is hand carried with us on our first trip we would just need to get a more current certified copy of our marriage license (certified in 2009) and have that re-Apostilled. She will make a few copies of the documents C.W.A. had Apostilled on our behalf, add a few “standard” documents to the package AND…..SEND IT TO ST. PETERSBURG TOMORROW MORNING! Can you believe it? When I called Chad to tell him I almost busted out in tears. It just seems too good to be true.

Once our Dossier is received in Russia, it will be translated (that takes a few days) and we will be officially registered with Russia as a family waiting for a referral. Then the big wait begins! Let’s start praying that:

1- Our Dossier does not get lost in transit. (To date it has not been out of human hands and now it must cross the ocean, all alone. However, that is one trip I cannot speed up via hand delivery. It’s going to have to be a grown up and go it all by itself)
2- We can squeak in before Summer break
3- The obviously very intelligent person translating our documents is super fast and makes us sound better in Russian than in English
4- We can beef up our savings account with C.W.A. and our personal account prior to our referral. The majority of what we have raised will be going to Russia with our Dossier tomorrow. YIKES. We are kinda back at square one as far as fundraising. But God is faithful and we have been so blessed. He has provided what we need when we’ve needed it so far, we are trusting in him to bring us the other half!

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  1. I can hear a small quiet voice calling me Grandma or whatever he/she wants to call me! I know many prayers are going up that our baby is being cared for and loved. I love you, Momma