Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer Dreams

Top ten things baby Deetz will love about summer....

10. Vacation Bible School. We kick off our bible school tomorrow! Something about little kids making those cute crafts, singing, and learning about Jesus. It's absolutely priceless.
9. Aunt Brittany's Birthday (June 25th). After my birthday, it's my next favorite!
8. Swimming! Slathering up the sunscreen, getting out a fluffy beach towel, putting on those cute swimmies. Kiddie pool in the back yard, public pool, hotel pool on vacation, at the beach, long as it's wet!
7. Catching fire flies in the back yard. Those little things still amaze me. In Florida the constant mosquito spraying kills them, but we have TONS of them in our backyard.
6. Fireworks on the forth of July at the Fischer's house. They have a community baseball field in their backyard and the neighbors all gather and put on a great show- no crowds, just fun.
5. Eating hot dogs off the grill, watermelon, and ice cream. I love summer food!
4. Camping out in the backyard. (Or in the living room). Something about a tent makes the night magic!
3. Movie under the stars at the Deichman's house. We bring our projector over and put a fun movie on the big screen. We bring our folding chairs and blankets and make popcorn too. Last summer we watched "Heavyweights" the year before that- "Goonies"
2. Running through the sprinkler. Why don't more grown ups do this?
1. Going on vacation and making wonderful memories. Sometimes a new city a few miles away to visit a produce stand or a strawberry farm, sometimes going fun places we've been a million times before (like Disney). Just going somewhere together, even if it's across town! Nothing makes you feel more like family than going somewhere together....

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  1. It's all about good memories, they seem simple at first and then years later you begin to appreciated the little things that make life important. Family, that is where it's at! The best part about family is ANYONE can be family, it just takes love and caring. Our family has made my life a miracle or good time & memories whether it is summer,fall, winter or spring. Our lives are forever changed by the love of family.