Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Crisis Diverted

I have a funny story to share with you about our adventure to USCIS. I didn't want it to detract from the original story, but it is funny nonetheless. Also, it's a story that in retrospect could could have been absolutely disastrous. Y'all better get use to these kind of stories while I have no news to report.

On Sunday I volunteered at the children's shelter and I was in charge of the devotional for the kids. I talked about the fruits of the spirit and how each fruit was a "gift" from God. I got 9 gift boxes, wrote each "fruit" on a piece of paper with a kid friendly explanation, placed a seed in each box, and wrapped each one up. The kids came up one by one and read the fruit and we discussed each one. Then they took the seed and placed it into one of four jars. At the end, I told them, "like any gift, such as a baseball or Rollerblades, we have to practice using it to get good at it. Like with the fruits of the spirit, God wants us to grow fruit with the gifts he has given us!" So in one jar I poured in grape soda. The kids shouted "No! That won't grow!" I crushed up chips and poured in salsa. "No!" The third jar I filled with Tide laundry powder. " No!!!" In the fourth jar I poured in potting soil. "Yeah! That will make our seed grow!" We need to nurture love, joy, peace, patients, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control to grow fruit that is pleasing to God. ANYWAY, after the lesson I poured the soap powder into a zip lock because, hey man....every penny counts and Tide is expensive! I threw it in my purse to take home and do some laundry later and didn't think another thing of it....UNTIL.....

I was searching for my cell phone at USCIS to leave in the car. Thank the Lord I spotted the zip lock bag, full of a WHITE POWDER substance. (See where I'm going people?) Can you imagine if Ol' Security Guard Jim would have caught me with that in my purse? "Oh, I swear officer, it's TIDE! It's Tide!" Then I would have had to explain the entire "Fruit of the Spirit" thing to him. It was a long story, I'm sure I would have been escorted into a tiny dark room and given the "special security breach" treatment. Wow. That was definitely on my list of the dumbest things I almost did. The story about Oscar the Alligator was probably #1, but that's a story for when I am really desperate to talk to you and I have nothing to say. Stay tuned kids!

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  1. That's uproarious~! I teach religious education classes so I can absolutely relate (btw, I might steal that lesson).