Tuesday, January 25, 2011

At last.....

Together again......Things went pretty well today, considering Charlie hasn't seen us in 10 months and he is so such bigger and even more independant now.
He pretty much screamed the first 30 minutes until the Russians cleared the room, then I guess he figured he was stuck with us and wanted to see what goodies we brought for him. He had his little picture book and would identify "mama" "papa" "Stasic" in the book. Dr. Anna would ask him "Where's mama?" and he would dart his eyes at us and say "nyet". What a stinker. An incredibly handsome, perfect little stinker.
We spent the early part of the day with him- he is totally potty trained and they say "he is the leader of the class" now and he is still "very active" and "very naughty". ;0)
Once we joined the class again he started to smile and laugh and "show off" for mama and papa, including a trick where he jumped out of his crib and landed on his feet. Oh boy.
His hair has gotten a lot darker, now he REALLY looks like his papa. It's uncanny. Everyone says it.
This whole thing feels surreal.....to see him, to hold him.....finally......
So tomorrow we will prepare for court and do some paperwork (imagine that...more paperwork). So it will be a boring day. Hopefully next time I post, it will be after court and I can tell you he is ours (AT LAST!)
Please remember to keep us in your prayers Thursday early morning as it will Thursday 10am here (we are 8 hours ahead of you....) We are nervous about court and hope that things will go well. Talk to you soon!
Love, Chad and Sarah

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