Monday, January 24, 2011


Greetings from warm and sunny pskov. Oh wait its negative 14c here! And there is an amazing amount of snow on the ground. If this much snow was in south carolina we would be shut down for weeks!Anyway we are doing well. Tommorrow we get to see Charlie. We can't wait! We ask your prayers for four things: travel. It is scary here. Two, there was a major bombing at the Moscow airport, the one we leave from on FEb 17th. Many Russians lost their lives today. These types of dangers really frighten us traveling in a foreign place. Third, that Charlie is happy with us tommorrow. FOrth, for court on Thursday. There is a recent story of abuse by an american with an adoptive russian boy all over the news here. They say that court. Was going to be tough for us before, now even worse. If you happen to be awake from 2am-5am on WEdnesday night say a lot of prayers for us as it will be 10am here. They said to prepare to be grilled for close to 4 hours before a verdict is reached. We are nervous. Today we had our medical exams by 8 doctors. That deserves its own special post, one where I am at an actual keyboard and not a tiny cell phone, too many words! But the end result was positive. Thank you for your continued prayers. Love you all!

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