Saturday, January 29, 2011

waiting days one and two

Things we've done while waiting (in no particular order). Ate pancakes-3x.
Walked the "mall"-2x
Almost got hit by a car-1x (we learned quickly that yellow lights here are for when the light is about to turn green) Spoken to by Russians in Russian-2x
Smiled and nodded polietly (same amount)
Number of times groped by a Russian trying to butt in line-4x
Number of train tickets to Moscow bought-3!
Naps taken-2
Total combined hours slept on the hard squeaky bed-approx.8
Loads of wash done in the worlds tiniest washing machine-1
American food consumed-chicken nuggets,french fries,pizza, coke "light"
Same amount actually tasting American-0
Jazz concerts to be attended tonight with Anna-1
Days left until we see our boy again-6

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