Thursday, January 6, 2011

Barnabas Bear

This year Charlie got a Barnabas Bear for Christmas from his Grandma Donna and Grandpa Rick. Every year Family Christian Stores Foundation in partnership with the James Fund introduce a new bear in the fall and a new lamb in the spring. Their mission? "Reaching out to orphans and showing them the love of our heavenly father" You "adopt" a Barnabas bear or a sweet little lamb for $10 and an orphan receives a plush animal to love as well. Its a win-win. All purchases are also tax deductible.....To date, they've sent nearly 1,000,000 plush animals to orphans, foster children and children-in-need all across the U.S. and around the world.
Please check them out the James Fund HERE
Or Family Christian Stores HERE (shop online or in stores)
How precious!

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  1. I bought a Barnabas Bear today to give as a gift. What a great idea & such a cute little bear. It reminds me of the ones from the jockey store that supports adoption.