Friday, January 14, 2011

Charlie's new sizes!

Call it Momma Intuition, but we got new sizes for our sweet little guy yesterday and we were right on target with what we bought for the trip! We even got his shoe size (something we have never had before) and we actually bought him the right size snow boot for the trip too! Whew....One less thing to worry about.
He is in a size 3T (they might be a little long, but they'll fit over his chubby little belly) and a size 9-91/2 shoe. He's grown 4 inches!!! And has gained about 4 pounds. We are so happy he is healthy and growing! Thank you sweet Anna for always keeping tabs on our boy while we've been away!

Charlie’s size January 2011Weight - 31 lbsHeight - 35.8 inches tallFoot – 6.1 inches long
January 2010 SizesWeight- 26.4 lbs
Height-31.5 inches

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