Friday, January 14, 2011


We FINALLY got our new USCIS approval in the mail today. I dreamed about it all night, when I woke up I got on the computer to look up our SIM id number (as many times as I called USCIS I should have had it committed to memory) because I was going to have to call tell them it HAD to be mailed today. I got to thinking (always dangerous) if they didn't send it by today we wouldn't get it until Wednesday because Monday is MLK day and there is no mail. So when I got online to get our case number, I went on, even though I checked the tracking number before I went to bed. And...POOF! It said the letter was in Greenville! I couldn't believe my eyes.....
So down the icy road came the mail man and if my driveway wasn't a skating rink I would have ran to meet him. It's here!!! We are almost done!!!
One more trip to Columbia to have the document Apostilled and we are done!! 8 MORE DAYS!!!

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