Friday, January 28, 2011

Fairly Faulous!

My dear friend, Meagan has a more than fabulous shop on Etsy called "Fairly Fabulous". She hand makes these fun and funky one of a kind clothing pieces for children (and some grown-ups too). Cute stuff like stuffed owls, leg warmers, tutus, t-shirts for boys with hand stitched ties, really, really cute stuff. Please check her out HERE
Anyway, before Meagan hosted two Pampered Chef Fundraisers for our adoption, and now she wants to donate 10% of her February sales to us as well. What a generous friend......

Now our story- Meagan and I met in High School in Florida, in drivers ed to be exact. That made us fast friends. I guess experiences like that have a lasting impact! Anyway, Meagan has always been charismatic and driven, she was (and still is) a wonderful photographer, journalist, and also had the "privledge" of wearing the giant Kowboy head of our mascot at football games. (Yes I spelled it with a "k" on purpose) Anyway, now we live literally as far as two people can lie apart in the US- different coasts, numerous time zones. But one thing is for certain, I am honored to call her my friend. She has been a prayer warrior in this crazy journey. She is a wonderful, fun mother to her two beautiful girls. If I had to name a "top 10" of people excited about our adoption, Meagan would definately be in the top 10. She calls and emails frequently just to check up on us. She always knows what to say and reminds me that I wasn't always a pastor's wife and it is perfectly ok to cuss at USCIS employees. For that I love her. It's funny how moving further apart has made us closer together, but I guess that is a test of true friendship and the sisterhood of a Keyette. (That's another story) Anyway- THANK YOU MEAGAN!!! 


  1. Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you. We had to wait 5 months after Trip 1, and I almost lost my mind, so you have a great attitude! Wishing you the best in February -


  2. I am still checking in and praying for a resolution to your delay. We were delayed in our adoption with the reaccreditation issues in 2005/2006. It seemed beyond tolerable at the time but once "Charlie" is home you truly will let go of the frustration and celebrate your little boy. Blessings!