Friday, January 14, 2011

Davids Story

This post is from my bloggy-friend Ashley's blog. Please read this touching story and consider making a small sacrifice on his'll be blessed and bless a wonderful family to be in return. When I see David's face, I think about Charlie. How this could have easily been him if "luck" wouldn't have been on his side and he was never matched with a family. Would the years have rolled by as he grew older and older and quickly placed in the "un-adoptable" category because of his age? Would he have been turned out onto the street on his 16th birthday. I know we can't save every orphan, but then again, maybe we can. It starts with one orphan at a time. Here is Ashley's first blog post, make sure you read all the way down to the end!:

Shooting down dreams….

If you’re familiar with my blog, you have come to expect the pictures of winsome young faces with the almond-shaped eyes and button noses that are characteristic of children with Down syndrome.You have read how these children have no hope for a future in the places where they are hidden away, how they are rushing headlong toward transfer to the mental institutions.
You have probably also read that there are 150 MILLION orphans in the world today, a number that is growing all the time, fed by poverty, disease, war, famine, and natural disaster.
Today, I’m going to share the story of ONE of those 150 MILLION orphans: Davids.
Davids’ face is not like the faces of the other children I’ve shared. No almond-shaped eyes, no button nose. Davids does not have Down syndrome. And he’s not a little boy, either. Although he’s tiny for his age (more the size of an 11 year old), he’s 15—just days away from his 16th birthday.
Just as the orphans with Down syndrome face a tragic end when a certain birthday approaches, so Davids future stands to change dramatically, devastatingly, in a few days. For when Davids turns 16 later this month, he will no longer be eligible for adoption.
Not only that, he won’t qualify to stay in the orphanage anymore. Orphanages are for children, not young men. No, Davids will “graduate” from the orphanage to the street. He will walk out of the front doors with no family, no home, no job, no direction. He will be easy pray for drug dealers and pimps in his country. 15% of those who find themselves in Davids’ situation resort to suicide within their first year on the streets.
That, in itself, is tragedy enough.
But it gets worse.
A few months ago, an American family who met Davids while he was in the United States as part of a hosting program decided to adopt him. When Davids heard the news, he was ecstatic. Of course he was! This is a boy whose dream is to come to America, to have a family, to one day become a pilot. And his dream was coming true! This family had fallen in love with him. They wanted him to be theirs. They chose him.
Davids, about to receive the news that a family had chosen him.
Can you imagine his excitement over the next few weeks, knowing that he had a hope and a future? Can you imagine how he lay in bed, awake—how could he sleep with such joy welling up inside his heart?—and dreamed of the day he would be reunited with this family who had chosen him?
But as the weeks and then months passed, there was no more information. The orphanage never heard from the family. And then, the awful news:
the family changed their minds.
They had also met a Latvian girl who was in the U.S. as part of the same hosting program, and in the end,
they chose her instead.
So now, not only does Davids face a bleak, frightening future, but he is left wondering why his dream was shot down.
I’m beside myself.
If I could, I would go get him. Everything within me wants to say I AM DAVIDS’ MOM!!! Everything within me looks at this boys picture, reads his profile, and wants him to be my son, to be my boys’ big brother. I would sell everything to go get him.
If I could.
But I can’t.
I can’t, because doing so would jeopardize—negate, actually—our adoption of Baby J. See, her country doesn’t allow concurrent adoptions of non-related children.
So I can’t be Davids’ mom.
But I will tell you this: I know Davids’ mom is out there. I know his family is waiting for him; they just don’t know it yet. They will have to commit quickly, or he will be lost forever.
I will stand with Davids’ family. I will lift them up in prayer. I will help raise funds for them. I will bake pies until I can’t see straight. If Davids’ family is out there— if YOU are Davids’ family—know that you are not alone.
But if you don’t act soon, Davids will be….
For more information about becoming Davids’ family, contact Le Ann Dakake, Director of Hosting Programs, New Horizons for Children 678-313-8321 cell
Or Cathy Sawyer, An Open Door Adoption: 404-667-0694

Ok- Now to the rest of the story after the initial post:
In less than 48, David has found a family!!! That is amazing news!!! Now, here is where you come in. This wonderful family has 6 months to complete Davids adoption. In the adoption world that is like warp speed. The adoption community has committed to raising $20,000 for Davids adoption. Please consider donating to Davids adoption, it is tax deductible! We are trying to raise the funds in the time Davids future parents committed to bringing him home, 48 hours! 24 hours have already passed and the good news is, we have raised over $10,000. So we are right on target, but won't get there without your help. Ashley's blog has suggested donating $16 to honor Davids finding a family before his 16th birthday. Or maybe $48 to commemorate God's amazing miracle in finding a family for Davids in 48 hours. Any amount, even $5 will be multiplied and blessed!
CLICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO THE PROJECT HOPEFUL DONATION SITE. All donations are tax-deductible. ***Please put DAVIDS in the comment section to ensure that your gift is credited to his fund.***
Get in the middle of this miracle, bay-bee!
So…who’s with me?


  1. This story touched my heart earlier in the week. I made a donation and have been thinking about the story a lot!

  2. It is an amazing story. I was so glad to see he found a family and the blogging and online world have stepped up to bring this child home!

  3. Just blogged about Davids and referenced you. Hope you don't mind. Thank you for a beautiful post!