Monday, January 17, 2011

Ready to go!

On Sunday we had a very sweet time with our church family. Our friends Jana and Blair organized a Sunday school donation drive for us and they collected over $1,300! Wow!! That will allow us to go see Charlie three more times while we are in Russia before we are allowed to go pick him up. That is such a blessing. Then, during service, our Pastor called us forward for special prayer. Everyone came forward and surrounded us in prayer. It was so amazing. It's nice to know that people will continue to lift us up while we start this next leg of our journey. It was an excellent reminder that we are all adopted into God's family and that Charlie will invited into a loving community of believers upon his arrival home as well. Chad's parents were there visiting from Florida and that made the day even more special!
I know it's only Monday, but we are sooooo ready to go. It's hard to believe in just 5 days we will be in Russia again. I've started going through our paperwork, getting our documents separated into envelopes- St. Petersburg's medical results, all the documents needed to get Charlie's visa in Moscow, and then copies of our most recent Dossier.

Then there's always the small errands, buying plenty of dog food, getting a new suitcase (the zipper of the old one busted out on our last trip) and all the other million little things that are on the must do list. Of course I had some coupons and gift cards that I needed to use today too since they expire while we are gone! I mean, I couldn't let my CVS extra care bucks expire!! Now, I just need to get someone to buy my newspapers while I am away....

Rundown of the week:
Monday- (MLK Day, no work) Ran errands. Tried to finish up some banking (fail! See MLK day) The snow has finally started to melt, so I took the car to get washed. Then it rained. Dog food, couponing, paperwork.
Tuesday-Deliver cookies, Work, get papers notarized
Wednesday- Work, Teaching Chapel, Teaching Wednesday night (my 5th and 6th grade boys, I am going to miss those rascals!), Youth kids and parents are having a baby shower for us during Youth! How sweet!
Thursday- Drive to Columbia to get everything Apostilled (FOR THE LAST TIME!!!). Bunco at Carol's!
Friday- Pack, get haircut??
Saturday- Fly to Russia!!

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