Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back in Business!

Sarah's Scrapshack is back in business....... Previously, I have been all about the scrapbook. I have an album for the first five years of our marriage, every major vacation we've ever been on, one for the dogs, of course a high school album, wedding album......then, I got tired of making pictures of just me and Chad. So I started to make gift albums. I think I got through the first round of friends and family having babies. Then those people started multiplying like bunnies! On that note, I've composed a little letter to those children without scrapbooks:
Dear Second child born to all of my friends and family, I don't like your other sibling better than you. I just couldn't keep up!
Anyway, life got in the way of living and I just packed all my stuff away. It was A LOT of stuff. A few years ago I taught a class every week at our local scrapbook store when we were living in Georgia. At first, they paid me. Then the store started doing poorly. (I promise my teaching had nothing to do with it) So then they started "paying me" in supplies. We'll the store ended up closing before we left there and the sisters that owned the store gave me a ton of stuff. Then they started liquidating their inventory, so I bought more stuff and I mean- cheap! Then my mom gave me a TON of stuff because she says without me at home to motivate her to scrapbook, she just doesn't do it anymore. Anyway, all that to say this: I HAVE A TON OF STUFF! So I organized all the stuff and set it up in our dining room. Everything tucks under the table when we have guests over for dinner and we use the top for food overflow, so that works out! Maybe when things settle down this summer and we are just "waiting our big wait" I can start working more diligently on baby Deetz's lifebook. But in the meantime, whenever the mood strikes me I can pull it out and start scrappin'! Here is the cute paper I got from! Isn't it adorable?
And some really cool nesting dolls paper.......

And my personal favorite- personalized paper "Our Journey to You.....From Russia with Love"
P.S.- The bunny in all the pictures is the salt and pepper shakers from Easter that have not been put away yet......

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  1. ok, i lied...i'm waiting on people (namely my DAD) to mail me some pics I forgot to download before we left FL so I can finish my updates. THey are too big to email (and too numerous, there are hundreds) so here I am reading one of my fav blogs...LOVE the last paper. How fun with the Mickey font. LOVE, love it!