Sunday, May 31, 2009

Last week of May in review.....

Great Moogley-Googley it’s almost June. It’s so funny how time seems to creep by when you are waiting on something important (yet it seems to fly by all at the same time). I’m not sure how that works, but it does. Here are the interesting facts for the last week of May:

1- I saw both Saluda, South Carolina and Saluda, North Carolina on my road trip.
2- The weather was officially nicer in St. Petersburg than it was here since it rained all week.
3- I won the Italian Lottery and just need to give them my credit card number and mailing address to claim my prize.
4- I can parallel park an SUV under extenuating circumstances.
5- The Baby Name Genie ( suggested we name a son, Peyton Andrew or a daughter, Donna Isabella. No we haven’t picked any names yet.
6- Graduation Weekend at Bethel was as crazy as I remember. We "Roasted" our seniors on Saturday night and then turned around and celebrated with all the grads and families today after church. be 18 again. Meagan reminded us that this week 11 years ago, we were wearing the caps and gowns! And before you know it we'll be attending preschool graduations, kindergarten get the picture. Time feels stuck on fast forward......
7- Girls night out with Shani was a blast- we saw Angels and Demons and fortunately, I have a terrible memory and didn't remember what I read until after it happened on the big screen.
8- Bought some Old Navy t-shirts for $3.00 and some sweaters (for Russia) for less than $3.00 each. What a bargain and I always enjoy forcing my sister to shop with me.
9- Celebrated my parents joining this century- My parents are now "Blog Followers" and Chad's folks have joined facebook.
10- I always enjoy volunteering at the Children's shelter. What a blessing. That's where I am headed right now.....Then it's on to the grocery store. I don't want Jordan to think I have a kitchen just because it came with the house. Just wanted to check in with you weekend readers since I haven't said hello in a few days.

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