Monday, May 11, 2009


A few nuts in bolts to take care of pre-blog:
Saturday's posting was a thorn in my side. For some reason blogger did not like my photographs or the words that went along with them, so I kept editing and editing and what you are left with is huge gaps in the text. It looked normal in my preview screen, but for some reason, it just wouldn't stick. FYI: I have an mailing list that e-mails folks automatically when I put up a new post. So I apologize to Mom, Rick and Donna, Jana, and my sister if you received 80 e-mails notifying you with the same post. *P.S.- If you would like to be added to my mail list, just forward me your e-mail address and I'll be happy to add you to the mailing, I just wouldn't be presumptuous to assume that you want my blog sent to you daily, you probably are happy with just checking in every now and again...*

Also- Congratulations to the 2,000 blogger to visit since the blog began, My mom! She called and told me last night that she signed on and she was #2,000! I told her she won the grand-prize! She gets to be a grandma......

Now that business is taken care of, onto the blog:
Tonight was learn to speak Russian night for my in-laws. I showed them all the all of the Russian travel guides, children's books, and the pocket sized translation guide I have purchased. ( is a wonderful thing) We spoke very bad Russian and laughed a lot. We got to the part in the translation book called "medical care" We total butchered the Russian language by saying "I was hit by a car" (miNYA zbiLA maSHYna) or "I'm having a heart attack" (u miNYA sirDYECHny PRIstup) or my personal favorite "I've lost a lot of blood" (YA patiRYAL MNOga KROvi) I came to the conclusion if I were to have a medical emergency in Russia I can't even say those words while not having a heart attack or bleeding out. Odds are I will not have the presence of mind to look up the word in the glossary, turn to the correct page and try to read a sentence in a language that puts letters like MNOga together. That's not looking so good. Hopefully they get Grey's Anatomy over there and they can take an educated guess concerning my symptoms and diagnosis. Anyway- here is a picture from Sarah's School of Hard Knocks.

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  1. Coby and I got the same book when we went to Russia and it really did help! We found "mazla" butter... and we learned to count to 5 so when we went places to eat and wanted 2 of something of whatever..we would say the number in Russian. At night before we would go to sleep we would take the book out and learn about 3 words that we knew we would use the next day and learn them and then try to use them the next day. Sometimes it was sooooo funny and was like a game, other times it really did help!! You will love the book, put it by the toilet in the bathroom and you will be amazed at how much you will know before your trip to Russia!! haha