Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday (In the park)

Chad's parents are in town (we are stop #3 on their circuit) and we had a wonderful Saturday in Greenville. We didn't know it was "Artist-sphere" the downtown art festival, was in town. So we kinda stumbled into it by mistake on our way to dinner. We walked and looked at all the art exhibits. We saw some cool street performers.....

Then we finished off a lovely evening at Soby's for an early Mother's Day dinner. Here is all that remains of my shrimp and grits. It was as happy as my belly after some She-Crab-Soup.

Greenville is a very family friendly city. The tree sheltered downtown streets, the beautiful waterfall and the park is a natural draw to people with children. They can splash in the water, visit the old fashioned toy store, get some penny candy at Mast General store, and run in the park. I can't wait to bring Baby Deetz there soon.

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