Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ikea Ide-a

Today we journeyed to Charlotte to Ikea and bought some really fun stuff for baby Deetz. It turned out to be a gift from Grandma and Grandpa White....we were so surprised when we went to check out, what an unexpected gift! Here is Grandpa Rick trying out some un-assembled seating. Picture a retreaded turtle stuck on its back and trying to flip itself over. Get the picture?

We drove home (in the pouring rain), went and got some Chinese food, and began the assembly of our treasures. As you can see, it was a group effort.

This is the really cool bookshelf we will hang at kiddy eye level after we paint the room. If it's a boy, a light blue with big gears to go with the robot theme, and if it's a girl maybe a shade of yellow, because I spotted this beautiful linen set at Baby U.S.A. It's a red/light blue/yellow flower and paisley number. Both would be cool, modern, and happy! And we love happy!

Here is the fun red book shelf. After I put all the books on it, I thought.....I need more books! Now that they are spread out, there doesn't look to be as many as in the baskets.

This is my favorite thing we got today.....a groovy "Dr. Evil" Egg chair. This was my assembly project! It swivels and spins around and the orange curtain thing goes all the way down for a perfect little reading nook. Once we get the closet doors taken off and the closet organizer/toy bin unit in that Mr. Fischer is building for us, we'll move the chair next to the book shelf. As you can see, the old beat up (but extremely comfortable) rocking recliner has made it's way downstairs too. For now, we are planning on using it as a sleeping/baby rocker chair. It matches nicely and we'll see how everything fits in the room once the furniture gets here.
I barely fit in the egg chair. I also got some really cute finger puppets at Ikea. Here I am testing everything out and modeling the finger puppets. It takes a lot of skill to put all 10 on by yourself. Then, I spun around too much and it kinda made me want to barf. Note to self: Don't let baby Deetz spin on a full stomach.

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