Wednesday, May 27, 2009


“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving”- Albert Einstein

Our little neighbor, Gracie, is my pal. She stands in the driveway and greets me nearly everyday when I come home from work. She tells me when “the boys” have been home moving t.v.’s and borrowing video game equipment for impromptu Halo tournaments. (“The boys” are the youth group boys that frequent our home to borrow controllers and “routers” and other things I don’t really understand, because our house is gaming central. We are equipped to have 16 players playing each other at one time through the magic or technology that I again, don’t understand) Anyway, Gracie is about 6 years old and I think she is the leader of the neighborhood kid pack. When I hear them all jumping on the trampoline- it’s Gracie that calls the shots. She tells me about school and soccer and her dog. She is full of information.

A few months ago, Gracie learned how to ride her bike. I came home from work, her parents were in the driveway with the video camera and she was in the cul-de-sac, trying to get the bike moving. I think before I arrived, she was having a little bit of a meltdown. I could see tear stains in the dirt on her cheeks. The video camera was off, but held at attention by her mother. When she saw me, she tucked in her lower lip and puffed out her chest. She said “I can ride my bike now, do you want to see?” I stood at attention for what seemed like an eternity. She would get balanced, then teeter to one side. She would kick off again and almost tip over. This went on and on. At last she got both feet on the pedals. Then all of a sudden- she was flying! We all cheered, video cameras were rolling, Gracie was really doing it! She was moving! It was like a breath of relief was simultaneously breathed by me, Gracie’s mom and dad, and the biggest one of all- from Gracie.

We are finally starting to move. The good news is that we are standing in the driveway, bike in tow, but we just haven’t quite gotten both feet on the pedals. Yesterday we received more documents in the mail that have already been certified and Apostilled in Columbia. I am praying today when I get home our home study is sitting by the front door and then- we’ll be flying! Then we can all breath a sigh of relief. More exciting movement- fellow blogger Kate has gotten a referral, she will travel the second week of June to meet her daughter!

“I thought of it while riding my bicycle", is reputedly what Albert Einstein said about his Theory of Relativity…..

Let's remember to keep moving, or at least be ready to spring into action at a moments notice!

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