Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today I just had to get out of the office for a little bit at lunch- the weather was perfect and I wanted to check out our new Goodwill Book Center. It’s where the old Goodwill use to be, now that the main store has moved down the street, the old building is for books only. I love books! I plan on signing baby Deetz up for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library once I know their date of birth and such…. It’s a federally funded book club program that sends families books every month until they reach school age. You can check it out at
Anyway, I’ve been buying baby/toddler books like crazy! Top three reasons: 1-Age and gender don’t matter when you’re building a library. If the words are too complex, you can make up your own interactive story 2- Language skills are so essential and books are perfect tools to establish bonding, build communication skills, teach baby Deetz English, colors, counting, emotion, logic, deductive reasoning, all that good stuff. 3- As a society, we over T.V. our kids! I think about our “library” growing up, we had shelves and shelves of stories that stretched our imagination and taught us the love of a good story! My sister and I haven’t stopped talking/writing/reading since….
For less than $15, I bought 10 gently loved hardback books:
1-Boom Chicka-Boom
2-Farm Animals “Slide Out” Book
3-Trucks and Cars “Slide Out” Book- These books are so cool, instead of lifting the flap to show a hidden object, the child slides a window down into the page of the book to reveal the object. This is much more sturdy than flaps that rip off in tiny hands!
4-Guess How Much I Love You
5-My Love for You (English and Spanish to totally confuse the poor little thing)
6- One Yellow Lion (A cool “lift the flap” book)
7- Animal Colors (Another great “lift the flap” book)
8- The Wheels on the Bus (Another great “lift the flap” book)
9- Bear’s Magic Show (Pop up book)
10- And a book for mom and dad- a new baby name book. The one we have doesn't have meanings attached to names listed, it just lists them by type- “Russian Names” “Popular Names” “So In- They’re-Out Names” This one will be cool to see what the names we like actually mean.

This weekend, we really need to go buy a bookshelf for Baby Deetz. The basket we have for books is overflowing! I can’t wait for bedtime reading and wonderful story times…..I wonder if anyone is reading to baby Deetz while he/she waits for us? If not, we’ll have a lot of ground to cover. Dr. Seuss, Where the Wild Things Are, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Disney Stories, Little Golden Books galore.

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  1. Great finds! #1 and #4 are long time favorites at our house. I agree that the sturdy slide out books are so much better than flimsy lift-the-flaps books. And the Imagination Library is an awesome program. We looked forward to new books each month. The only downside is that when you have more than one child, they send the same books to the 2nd (or 3rd, 4th, or 5th) child. So we just donated several brand new duplicate books to our local Goodwill.