Monday, May 18, 2009

Brief News Flash....

Spoke with Portia a few minutes ago..... Our home study final copies are in route to C.W.A. for approval. Maybe we can get all our docs to Columbia to be Apostilled and on to Russia before their Summer break? It's unlikely, I think we planned this one just perfectly..... (sarcasm doesn't translate well over e-mail) So we are lined up perfectly to hit summer break and be delayed another month. That goes right with my prediction of a referral in the dead of winter 2010. That way we not only freeze our buns, but miss the tax credit for 2009. Keep praying that I am wrong blog reading people! Let's praying for impeccable timing and that our Dossier is pushed through before summer break and keeps on rolling so Baby Deetz is known before October 23rd. (My 30th birthday)

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