Saturday, May 2, 2009

To Exchange....

It's funny to me that sometimes the "Russian word of the day" corresponds with what is going on in our lives. Today has been all about "exchange".
This summer Chad is getting an intern to help him with the youth group because summer is the busiest time of our calendar year. Two week long trips (one to the beach and one to New Orleans) and several "outings" every week when they aren't on a trip really adds up. An extra set of hands is a must. This year our intern is Jordan, when we lived in Georgia his dad was the senior pastor of our church and Jordan was in our youth group. He is a great guy (he will be a Junior this year at UGA in Athens) a fantastic musician, and an amazing leader of his FCA, and we are really looking forward to having him this summer. So, Jordan is coming to live with us while he is here..... sooooo..... let the exchange begin.
For only two people, Chad and I have an unbelievable amount of stuff. Our closets are filled to capacity. Making room for another person's stuff, well, it can be quite challenging. Basically, Chad's "man room" upstairs is no more. It's now Jordan's bachelor pad. We moved all the furniture out of Baby Deetz's room (previously our guest bedroom) and moved it upstairs to make that our guest room. Blair and the boys thankfully came over to help.
Today's exchange:
1- Moving all of the furniture (two club chairs, a recliner, and a futon) out to the downstairs.
2- Installing a window a.c. unit so Jordan doesn't melt (it's cooled by our house a.c., but that room is ALWAYS hot)
3- Borrowing Mark's truck to move said furniture
4- Taking the man furniture to Jana and Blair for their playroom
5-Carrying the man furniture up their stairs
6- Coming home and setting up Jordan's room and cleaning up the now empty baby room in anticipation for the furniture to arrive sometime in June.
Tomorrow that will mean:
1- Cleaning out Jordan's closet
2- Bringing down the summer clothes hanging in Jordan's closet currently
3-Storing the winter clothes away in our new "under the bed" thingies.
That's what we call an exchange.

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