Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring has sprung!

Happy May Day!
It's been spring here for a few weeks, but word on the street is that it is almost spring in St. Petersburg! Here is my deductive reasoning on this topic:
Clue #1-On my google home page I have the temperature in Spartanburg listed as well as the temperature in our hometown (Kissimmee, Florida) and in St. Petersburg. Today is the first day that the forecast in St. Petersburg has not had four consecutive days of snow! Here is the temperature- currently (it's the middle of the night) it is 45 degrees. Tomorrow high 55/low 37, sunny. Sunday, high 61/low 40, sunny. Monday, high 62/low 41, sunny! I bet there are a lot of very happy Russian people right now in St. Petersburg. They are probably wearing their little fur bikini's (sans Raquel Welsh in one million years b.c.) and swimming in the icy ocean. This is like a heat wave people!
Clue #2: A fellow blogger adopting from St. Petersburg, Kate, who blogs "from russia,with love" is actually living in St. Petersburg. She is an "ex-pat" who is living in Russia indefinitely and teaching English to Russian children in St. Petersburg. I think she is only a few weeks from receiving her referral (one or two daughters ages 4-6). You should check out her blog..... I am in awe of her wonderful use of the English language (that's probably good since she is an English teacher), her writing skills, and of course to me, she is like an "insider"! But every now and then she posts pictures of the city and it appears things have thawed considerably.
Clue #3- This amazing thing called a "webcam" There are tons of them all over the city and you can search "St. Petersburg, Russia Webcam" Here is one
You can watch cars and people walk by in real time. Kinda cool, huh? So by the looks of things the ground is now green with grass and the asphalt has returned to normal- no longer covered in a blanket of white.
So.....with those clues, I think it's safe to say "Spring has sprung in St. Pete". Relatively speaking anyway- 45 degrees is still pretty darn cold. Bundle up Baby Deetz!

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