Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Scrapbooking Outlaw

I have been a scrapbooker for years. I have an album for every major vacation we have ever been on, an album for every year of our marriage, even our dogs have their own album! Imaging my delight when I learned of a magical thing called a "lifebook"!
Until we started looking into adoption, I'd never even heard of a lifebook. It's basically a scrapbook with a few pictures, a lot of stories about the adoption, and a lot of background history concerning birthparents (what little information if any we will be given) St. Petersburg, the orphanage and other information about an adopted child's roots. People that were raised in "biological families" sometimes take for granted the stories about our parents, grandparents, and tales of the day we were born. I guess in a way, a lifebook is a way to celebrate the things we do know about an adopted child and our journey to each other. Anyway, I went to our scrapbook mega store (it's amazing! It has a bed and breakfast and a restaurant inside it) I mean you would not believe all the stuff this place has! Aisles and aisles of everything imaginable..... EXCEPT........ Anything about Russia and NOTHING about adoption! Can you believe it? Half of the store is devoted to children's scrapbook items and half of that is for babies/toddlers! But nothing even mentioning the word adoption! Not a single sticker, album, or piece of paper! So I went and talked to the owner. I know I have such a problem keeping my opinions to myself! BUT REALLY.....5000 SQUARE FEET OF SPACE AND NOT ONE "ADOPTION" DECAL OR A STINKIN' RUSSIAN FLAG? Come on people.
I told her I "kinda" understood the Russia thing (believe it or not it's not a #1 tourist destination, maybe it has something to do with the 9 months of winter....) But NOTHING for adoptive parents or children? However, there was 4 different types of decorative papers with "first trimester, second trimester....eight trimester....."whatever..... but nothing for me and baby Deetz? You have an aisle dedicated to John Deer and Harley Davidson, but nothing that mentions "birthmother", "Your trip home", "Where you lived", nada?
What an injustice! Flossy (we'll call her that to protect the innocent) just blinked and nodded at me. I know she probably doesn't do the ordering, but I asked her to let the manager know. So after listening to me rant Flossy recommended a site called and much to my relief they had oodles of Russia goods and tons of adoption items! And free shipping to boot! I am anxiously awaiting my box of goodies as we speak. (Waiting.....hmmmm......notice the theme here?) Can't wait to show you all of my adoption friendly goods! The stuff was so good I don't think I'll be going back to the scrapbooking establishment anytime soon. That and they may have put my picture up on the wall, you know, next to the pictures of the people that write the bad checks.

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