Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Breaking News.....

Exciting News for the Day:
1- We sold over $1,000 in Pampered Chef products for our fundraiser (Thanks Meagan and everyone that bought some stuff!) ~AND~
2-We've gotten the draft of our Home Study!

Tonight we will make some minor changes and then send it back to Portia and copy Anya on the changes.

The home study is a true representation of our lives and our character, but I'm a little worried about how much God and prayer is mentioned. In our initial information provided by C.W.A. they said to keep "God talk" at a minimum that we are allowed to "mention that we go to church and pray every now and then" (that's a direct quote) but to leave out the details concerning our faith. It is my understanding that despite the cold war ending, Russia is still a very religion-less place. BUT-it's kind of hard to leave that part out of our story since 1-Christianity is our foundation for everything we do; 2-Chad is a pastor, his mom is retired from Campus Crusade for Christ, His dad is a pastor, Bev (Chad's step mom) works at a church and my mom works at a church too and 3- We pretty much live at the church. All of our extra activities center around church activities and the youth group.

We'll just have to see if Anya wants to tone it down a little bit. It really hurts me to say that, I feel like a hypocrite- but I don't want a piece of paper (a very expensive and long awaited piece of paper nonetheless) to hurt us in any way. Of course we will raise our child in a loving, Christian home. Yes we are so blessed by God. And by no means are we "ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ." But if a Christian adoption agency says "leave it out" then should we listen? Moral dilemma #1. My gut says to just leave it in there. "I yam what I yam" But, on the other hand, would it hurt to tone it down? Couldn't they just "read between the lines"?

In any event, the home study was favorable and now we can move on with our lives! We'll leave the details to the experts.

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