Wednesday, April 8, 2009

God of Russia too ;0)

For Christmas this year Pete and Karen got us (and them) four tickets to see Israel Houghton and Chris Tomlin, did I mention 4th row tickets? It was awesome. We were so close! I forgot my glasses when we left the house, since we were in a hurry! (Concert started at 7:00 in Greenville, I didn't get home from work until 5:30, Britt and Todd came over at 5:45, we had to stop and get some $ and dinner on the way....) Ohh..... but my glasses (I almost forgot again) I DIDN'T NEED THEM! I could actually see the people on the stage! Here is Isreal.... he has the best voice, you should check him out for something new!Then Chris Tomlin took the stage. The best part, and I wish I would have know to have the video rolling on my phone was when Chris Tomlin started singing "How Great is Our God". He shared what a privilege it was for him to travel to hundreds of different countries to worship with people from all walks of life. He said he tried to learn that song in every language of the countries he visited because he said how awe-inspiring it was to stand on stage, from his vantage point, and to listen to God speak in every language imaginable through His people. First he sang a little in Spanish, then he started singing in Russian! It was so moving.....and it was a real reminder that God isn't just God of Greenville, South Carolina, but God of Russia too. (Edited: I found it! Listen by clicking here.... all of our frustration these last four weeks, that's very easy to forget. We like to come up with a timeline in our heads of how we think the events of our lives should play out. We like to try to put God's timing in our "box" that we create. What we forget is that God can never be placed inside of a neat man made timeline and when we try to do that, we miss out on the blessings he has planned for us.

I almost forgot, Chris also talked about his mission organization- One Million Can. You'll have to check out his story about the orphans his charity is helping all over the world..... here is the link,

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