Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shoe Therapy

Have you heard the saying "the best way to forget your troubles is to wear shoes that hurt your feet"? Well I would like to tell you....it's true!
I should have known when I was packing my lunch this morning that the pinching feeling in my heel and rubbing on my baby toes would not improve as the day went on. But at that point, I was fully dressed, they matched my outfit so nicely, AND they are really cute.....so I thought maybe they would stretch out as the day went on. WRONG! I bought them on clearance at the end of the season last year. Obviously, no matter how good the deal was- it wasn't worth it! It did work, however, to make me forget that we haven't gotten the final draft of our home study back nor the original even in the mail..... So another week has dragged on and I am hoping not to let that old familiar feeling seep back in. But I honestly didn't think about it all day, I was really focused on my feet and carefully planning my trips to the bathroom when I would have to get up from my desk and walk down the hall.
Now that the shoes are in the pile waiting for my sister or my mother-in-law to claim them (we all wear the same size) I am feeling frustrated once again..... I think I'll go and put the shoes back on and walk around the house a few times.

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