Friday, April 10, 2009

Strong as an......

Something you may not know about me.....normally I am pretty together, but when I get too much on my plate that's the first thing to go. I start forgetting things, I start losing things, I walk into a room and forget why I'm there...."O.K. I'm in the kitchen, but I'm not hungry or thirsty.....why am I here?" Well now I can add a new problem to the list- my brain forgets familiar phrases and I forget where my thumb is. Let me explain.
On Wednesday I lost my keys. I found them today smashed into the car seat. Today we were waiting for a table at the Mexican restaurant and I left my pursing sitting where we were waiting. I got finished eating and all the way out to the car before I even missed it. Chad told me I had sour cream on my thumb at lunch and I stared at my fingers looking for it with my thumbs tucked in thinking he was the one that had lost his mind....then I remembered "thumbs are the short ones below the fingers, you know the ones on the SIDE of your hand".
So the phrase thing, I signed up for this cool new thing (thanks Heidi) called You basically input your sizes and brands that you like and it emails you clearance items in your size, your husbands size, your kids size. So I sign up for boy and girl clothes, size 6mo-24mo and twice a week they send me super deals on clothes. Well, there were these onesies marked down to $3.74 from Children's Place..... here they are.....

Then I get to this one.......

And I think to myself- "no wonder that only costs $3.74! That's a typo!
Strong as an bull! How can they even sell that! That teaches children grammatical errors! AN BULL?
I was even talking about it with dismay on the way to the concert this Wednesday. Brittany then says "uh..... isn't it "strong as an OX?"
Oh Yeah. An ox. hmmmmm....... that makes sense.
Hopefully I won't completely lose my mind before this is all said and done and I'll break myself of the habit of losing things before the baby comes!

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