Monday, April 13, 2009


Every night this week after work I'll be volunteering at the Youth Rummage Sale (set-up), so I cannot guarantee a blog every night, but I will try my best.....last night by the time I got home after 9:00, I wanted to take a shower (it's amazing how filthy you get digging through "rummage") and go to bed! It was a very LONG day. Basically, we get in 100's of items every hour that people have donated. We carry them in if Chad and the boy crew pick them up at donor's homes, sort them by price, place the clothes on hangers, price the items, and carry them to the appropriate section. After one night, our huge gym is 50% full already and people can drop things off all week! Yikes. I'll definitely take a few pictures by the end of the week so that you can fully appreciate the magnitude of this project. All of the proceeds benefit the Youth Mission Trip this summer to New Orleans. Then on Saturday (the day of the actual sale, I'll work 6AM-2:00 or so. Awe Rummage!#$&*#@
Maybe this week we'll have some good news about the home study draft..... In the meantime, I'll continue to rummage my little fingers to the bone. I love the word rummage, I think it works well as a noun, adjective, verb. It's great. Digging through 100's of people's junk, not so great.

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