Friday, April 3, 2009

Homes for Life

Last night we were invited by Jana's brother, "Uncle Kyle", to a fundraiser at Pizza Inn for his organization- Homes for Life. I really wanted to tell you about what a great time we had last night and all the cool things that Homes for Life does, but I wanted to talk with Kyle first before sharing what a great thing is happening right in our own backyard that a lot of people probably don't even know about!

Homes for Life is a shelter for homeless young adults that provides support services in a home environment while modeling Christian values that encourage the development of a personal relationship with Christ in these young men that are otherwise society's forgot children. The boys are between the ages of 16 and 21, all of them have no where else to go, some have been abused or neglected, or many of them have simply "aged-out" of foster care or other state run programs. The program is designed to not only meet basic needs of food and shelter, but to teach them life skills that will ultimately lead to employment and self-fulfillment. Kyle is the Residential Director (which means he lives there 24/7 caring for the boys) He has given of himself 100% towards this program and I can't tell you enough great things about Kyle and his passion for this ministry.

Last night we ate pizza until we were sick and the guys from the home did all the work (drink refills, bus boy duty) for a portion of the proceeds. It was a great night and it was such a blessing to see the joy on the boys faces that people in our community care for them and support them.

I thought this topic fits perfectly into the adoption blog because as you know God calls each of us to "care for the widows and orphans" whether that orphan is baby living thousands of miles away or an abused and forgotten 20 year old with no family of their own. Some of us are called to foster children, adopt children, mentor children, be a Sunday school teacher, read books to children in hospitals, and some of us are called to eat pizza and give a donation to a worthy cause. Some of us, like Kyle, are called to give 100% to something greater than ourselves on a daily basis. No matter how we are called, we are all called to do what is right because we are so blessed.

If you would like to find out more about how you can help Homes for Life succeed, you can reach Kyle at they are always in need of donations, volunteers, mentors, and people that will spread the word about their ministry!

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