Monday, April 6, 2009

Congratulations you are the 1000th blog-ey

I wish I was a super computer genius, I would have put one of those blinking "Congratulations! You are the 1,000th visitor to this site" thingies on the page! But, you are lucky I even figured out how to put the counter on the page, that was a major accomplishment for me. But please know that if I could have I would have, but at least this way in your mind, you are all the 1,000th blog-ey to "From Russia With Love". You are all winners in my book!
Brittany e-mailed me this morning around 11:00 to let me know the blog got it's 1,000th hit today, she also thought it was ironic that the Russian word of the day was "bitter" since I am trying to keep anger from turning into bitterness with the wheels on the adoption wagon turning so slowly. It's like when you are stuck in traffic and you think to yourself "If I got out and walked I would make it there faster!" Well at this point we are still waiting in the car, idling. But in a task where timing is everything, we are trusting God's perfect timing in our lives. Maybe this is just a lesson in endurance and patients for the big wait that lies ahead of us......
Keep praying for speed and perseverance for us as we are parked in neutral, watching the world go by!

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  1. Hey, Andrew Zimmern (on the travel channel) is doing St. Petersburg, Russia today! I thought of you...he usually repeats during the's pretty cool!!