Friday, April 17, 2009


Hey good news about our home study, huh? Finally! I am so relieved. The end is in site and we can move forward. I was starting to get dusty..... oh wait, that's just all the grime on me from other people's rummage.
On that note- the Rummage set up is over! Yeah! The gym is packed full of "Everything Under the Sun" as the name lends itself. You would not believe the crazy, dirty, odd, unusual, expensive, wacky, stinky and/or wacky stuff we've gotten in this week. And several pairs of used underwear to boot. But being a volunteer every night has it's perks- you see something you want, you snatch it up! I got some great books for Baby Deetz and Chad found a really nice umbrella stroller. Of course we also found some items for us- brand new shoes, books, a Longerberger basket (for $5!!!) and some other lovely things, Chad got a Methodist hymnal from 1905 and a Nave's Topical Concordance from 1897! Basically, every day I would come home with a box of "new" stuff from the rummage, unload it, and fill it up with our old stuff from the house to donate to the sale. It totally defeated the purpose, I know.
Tomorrow is the big sale and I can't wait to tell you how much we raise selling 10cent-20 dollar items. I am definitely bringing my camera so that you can see how much stuff is in the gym!
Oh and did you see my previous post via text message- how cool is that? Technology is so amazing. Just think 6 years ago I didn't even have a cell phone!

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