Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Today was our document training webinar with our document manager- Michael. Chad and I both sat in on the online course, it's really cool. You log into a web page and then you dial in a phone number and you connect with the facilitator (Michael) and people from all over the country that are taking the course too. Then you can watch the seminar and listen to everyone talking at the same time. We really do live in a small world thanks to the Internet and a highly technological one too. Support is literally at our finger tips 24 hours a day!
At first I was a little overwhelmed by all the information presented. But once I had a chance to re-read everything tonight I really did feel a lot better. If we get the final home study back and all the items needed from Portia in a timely manner, I think it will only take about two or three weeks to gather the initial items for our dossier to send to Russia to be put on a waiting list! Wow. The great thing about St. Petersburg (ever region requires different information at different times) is that the majority of our documents need to be done after we return from our first trip to Russia! The first set of material for out "initial packet" is relatively simple. So that is a definite plus. I think our main concern down the road a little will be more of an issue of timing, a lot of the documents needed before our second trip have a three month expiration. So timing will be everything once we return.
Michael's greatest recommendation to us was to be a "moving target" when it comes to documents. He told us to be fast before Russia changes their rules as they often do to avoid costly delays. So pray for lightning speed and cat like reflexes for us in boarding this next paper train. Oh, and I finally learned how to say that word for the people that "Notarize" the Notary on all of our documents. Ahhh-poe-steel. Huuuked on fonics werked fer me.

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